“It’s the last word in the dictionary and it’s fun to say and it’s fun to spell,” said an eighth grader Samara St Louis from Canada.
After surgery, patients in Gabon eagerly wait for their eyepatches to be removed.
Life in a pitch-black world can be depressing. It means being unable to do simple household chores and forgetting just how beautiful loved ones look. For ...
Hots & Nots_L
We feel you. It's difficult to keep up with pop culture. One year, we're dancing to Kesha's Tik Tok, and the next, we're tearing up over Adele's ...
Seven Star clothing shop in Bangkok sells popular cartoon T-shirts of Adolf Hitler. The store's star feature is its saluting statue, showing the Nazi leader as Ronald McDonald.
The words "cute" and "cuddly" would rarely be used to describe fearsome Nazi leader Adolf Hitler - but that's exactly how he is shown on designer T-shirts ...
Police in school_L
The charge on the police docket was “disrupting class”. But that’s not how 12-year-old Sarah Bustamantes saw her arrest for spraying two bursts of perfume ...
(from left to right) Bilawal Bhutto, Kim Jong-un, Rahul Gandhi
Kim Jong-un was named by his father as the state’s leader. This may sound strange in a modern world, but the idea of a political dynasty is not confined ...
Ben shared his story using simple note cards everyone could understand.
A week before Ben Breedlove died of a heart attack, the Texas teenager posted a remarkable video describing the peace and bright lights he experienced ...
The twin towers may have fallen, but the spirit of the American people did not, Lance says.
It was a warm and bright September morning. The new academic term had started, and students fresh from the summer holidays were still trying to get back into the swing of things on...
Bob Geldof (left) and Archbishop Desmond Tutu gave inspiring speeches on opening night.
Crown Prince Haakon of Norway captured the hearts and minds of young people from all over the world at the One Young World Summit in Zurich, Switzerland last Thursday.
One Young World founder David Jones
Next year's One Young World Summit will be held in Pittsburgh in the US. The winning city was announced last Saturday at the end of this year's summit in Zurich.
Chef to address global youth forum_L
Jamie Oliver will give a speech at the One Young World summit in Zurich tomorrow. He is a counsellor for the global youth forum, which begins today and continues until Sunday.