Donald Trump began Sunday with yet another attack on NFL players kneeling in protest of the national anthem.
Selena Gomez dropped a bombshell on Instagram: The 25-year-old pop star had a kidney transplant earlier this summer, and the donor was a friend, actress Francia Raisa. The first photo in the post features Gomez and Raisa holding hands, lying side-by-side in hospital gowns.
US demands direct action by China
Local disasters get the most coverage in the US, while some countries actively suppress bad news in the name of political stability.
YouTube’s most watched blogger PewDiePie apologised on Tuesday for using a racial slur while playing a livestreamed video game, saying there were “no excuses” for what he said.
Sometimes not even self-professed “super-smart” US students can tell a fake news story from a real one, as one group of International Baccalaureate students found out.
The Myanmar army is one of the best funded in Asia but many of the militants are prepared to fight on.
Some of the refugees feel they have no option but to take up arms
Speculation of another missile launch comes after North Korea allegedly tests a hydrogen bomb on Sunday.