“It’s the last word in the dictionary and it’s fun to say and it’s fun to spell,” said an eighth grader Samara St Louis from Canada.
World leaders reacted with anger and defiance after President Donald Trump yesterday announced the United States, the world’s second biggest carbon emitter, was quitting the 2015 Paris climate agreement.
A US withdrawal would profoundly weaken the historic agreement by nearly 200 countries to slow down global warming.
Just a week after the Manchester Arena bombing, and two days after attack in Baghdad, another explosion in a different part of the world leaves hundred affected.
Today at around noon (Hong Kong time) US President Donald Trump posted a most baffling tweet - a feat for him - that sent the internet into overdrive.
Travellers on Hong Kong and mainland airlines should brace for extensive security checks of carry-on bags as the United States considers expanding its ban on laptops and other large electronic items to include all international flights.
Analysis of the ransom note's language suggests origins of its writers, US security firm says.
1. He didn’t originally set out to be an actor. He'd only tagged along with some friends to be an extra on the set of Caesar and Cleopatra (1945) and caught the eye of someone on the crew.
Messages of support and hope came pouring in on social media in the aftermath of the explosion that has left 22 confirmed dead and over 50 injured.
Greater Manchester Police tweeted that they were treating this as a terrorist incident until they knew otherwise.
The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus performers hang up their hats for the last time.