The immigration policies, and the Windrush scandal, are undermining British Prime Minister Theresa May’s goal of achieving a “global Britain”.
Geologists say it has only relieved pressure temporarily, and larger more powerful events could possibly occur within hours.
Everyone from Katy Perry to the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, has been commenting on the latest viral scientific dilemma
16-year-old called police using voice recognition technology on his phone.
Kim Jong Un has promised the top-secret site in the north-east of the country will be dismantled within two weeks.
The Marjory Stoneman High students who started the #NeverAgain movement and the man who likely prevented a higher death toll in a shooting spree, were understandably delighted to hang out
Call in The Avengers – someone has stolen Iron Man’s suit.
There is bad blood no more: Swift posted a video of Perry's apology gift and note in an Instagram story.
The creator of #StarringJohnCho is back, and he says Hollywood is still under-representing cultural diversity in its films.
The US and North Korean leaders are likely to meet in Singapore in mid-June, according to South Korean media reports as tensions ease on the Korean peninsula.