Hong Kong

No one expected topics from last year's exam to be covered again, and some cross-module questions may also have stumped candidates.
After years of delays, cost overruns and controversy over a cross-border bridge, Hong Kong officials are clearly hoping for smoother times ahead going by the just-released road names – including one with a record-breaking length of 10 Chinese characters.
Two men have been arrested after police found about 1,000 wild animals – many of them endangered – in a house and a hut in the New Territories.
The temperature in Hong Kong is about the drop, but luckily so are pollution levels.
The discussion will address the Mandarin classes that all students are required to take in order to graduate.
Arabella Ng studies in the US but will be representing the 852 in two events
A 2016 government census has revealed that more than 200,000 Hongkongers live in subdivided flats – and 50,000 of them are student-aged.
Fishing nets are lost or get thrown into the ocean deliberately, and these volunteers use their own money and time to retrieve them.
Schools that choose to apply for the new Education Bureaus scheme will receive extra subsidies to cover costs.
A teenager cheated death on Tuesday when he plunged from the 19th floor of a building, where he had been jumping around on the edge of the roof.
Fellow activist Raphael Wong jailed four months and 15 days; student leader Lester Shum and 13 others given suspended sentences.