Hong Kong

When you think of classroom-based learning, a couple of things come to mind: lecture-style teaching, lots of note-taking, and plenty of textbook reading. After class is over, you leave.
Hong Kong’s two-year trial run of electric taxis has backfired as its long charging time was viewed as unsuitable to operate the cabs round the clock.
A school teacher who cheated death in a previous bid to scale Mount Everest has become the first Hong Kong woman to conquer the world’s highest peak at the third attempt.
While only you can find the unique voice, style, and that “something special” that sets you apart, it’s always useful to have expert advice.
If you’re looking for a way to get away from the craziness of the city, but don’t have time or money to travel, camping is for you. It is becoming more popular in Hong Kong, as it is a great way to explore unknown parts of our home.
Forget bulky scuba equipment; you can enjoy the deep blue sea in much simpler ways.
A group of mechanical engineering students from the University of Hong Kong has won a global competition that challenges students to improve different areas of air travel.
A director and playwright takes a look at the history of an entire city crammed within what was once a Chinese military fort in his new play.
Hong Kong government wants to deport the group that gave the American whistle-blower a place to hide.
Hong Kong’s leader has confirmed his role in amending proposals in a document to change the scope of a Legislative Council investigation into him.
Cantonese is commonly spoken in our city, but we often disregard its written element. Here’s how the translation of a famous novel can change everything.