Hong Kong

Veterinarians recommended euthanasia to prevent unnecessary suffering for ailing marsupial.
Students from top overseas educational institutions have been teaching primary school kids in Hong Kong about the importance of the English language.
Master lion head maker Hui Ka-hung on his fascination with kung fu and lion dance, which spurred him to start his own zhizha company.
Reactions from Young Post readers range from cries of political interference to agreement with harsher verdict
Young people are advised to be aware of cyber crimes after three secondary school students accused of running online investment scams that duped seven investors out of HK$1.8 million over five months.
Their idea to use infra-red thermographic cameras to monitor body heat wins them a chance to be grand champion.
Verdict supplant earlier ruling of community service by local court, as three activists are taken into custody immediately to begin serving their sentences.
Key student leader in Occupy protests "not lost" despite possible prison term in today's appeal court ruling.
Howard Lam was charged on Wednesday night with misleading police after his story unravelled during their hunt for evidence.
Thirteen Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters were handed jail sentences of lengths between eight and 13 months on Tuesday.
This will be enough to cover all of Elise Liu's tuition fees at a prestigious music institution in the United States.