Hong Kong

Remember the joy you felt blowing soap bubbles when you were young? This Sunday from 4-5pm, you can relive your fondest childhood memories by joining the Global Bubble Parade Hong Kong, which will be making its way from Edinburgh Place to Tamar Park.
The world’s largest vessel of any kind currently on the high seas made a Hong Kong stopover as part of its maiden voyage to France on Saturday.
The Hong Kong section of the bridge that will link the city to Zhuhai and Macau is on track to be completed by the end of the year.
Tang Kwai-sze was given an early Easter miracle. A 26-year-old clerk surnamed Cheng donated part of her liver in a successful transplant operation.
Making HK-style milk tea, which represents two cultures fusing into one, takes skill.
HK band calls track a ‘pure disgrace’ while teenage student says it shows another side of Hong Kong.
It is understood that a man who is not related to Tang Kwai-sze, a 43-year-old mother suffering from acute liver failure, donated part of his liver to Tang.
It’s highly individualised and personalised, and there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all' solution to its prevention …
A teenage Hong Kong girl is exploring all means possible to save her dying mother who is waiting for a new liver.
The Haberma tingkok, slightly larger than a fingernail or less than a centimetre long, was spotted last summer crawling on the branches of mangroves in Ting Kok.
This year’s DSE chemistry exam had a few new question types, with some very difficult questions in Paper Two asking students for in-depth knowledge of chemistry concepts.