Hong Kong

A government-funded ­secondary school faces having to stop teaching in English because of a growing difference in student abilities, its principal said.
Experts say the company is in financial trouble because it hasn't adapted to be as good as its competitors.
Operators have expanded their menus to include traditional snacks such as fish balls and siu mai to boost business amid mixed fortunes.
CNN is teaming up with young people around the world for a student-led day of action on March 14.
The head of a charity fund set up to aid seven Hong Kong policemen jailed for beating Occupy activist Ken Tsang has rejected donations from three unnamed parties.
The two candidates took the chance to explain their platforms, while John Tsang Chun-wah did not take part.
Sailing the oceans, with only birds, fish and stars as far as the eye can see, may sound romantic – but it’s a different story once you make a career at sea.
First-time author Henry Cheung on the challenges of starting a career in writing, and finding acceptance from online fans.
“We were inspired by Pokemon Go, which went viral last year, so we decided to apply AR technology to our products."
Young Hongkongers are more concerned about poverty than their elders. More than 65 per cent say it is a serious problem in the city, Oxfam Hong Kong has found.