Hong Kong

When you think of classroom-based learning, a couple of things come to mind: lecture-style teaching, lots of note-taking, and plenty of textbook reading. After class is over, you leave.
Two teenagers were caught with HK$500,000 worth of drugs on Saturday in Cheung Sha Wan.Hong Kong police made the arrests as part of an anti-drug crackdown named “Thunderbolt 17”.
Local artists and students have turned unwanted products into an “Eco-art installation” to promote recycling.
The other night my niece asked me to tell her the story of Tiananmen Square. So I turned history into a fairy tale suited to her young age ...
Most HKDSE students are happy with their subjects, but some 40 per cent have though about axing one.
The move to build a mega sports park in Kai Tak was given its first green light today as the Hong Kong Legislative Council’s public works committee approved it by a tiny margin, despite the government’s insistence on a controversial “bidding incentive proposal”.
At 2:10 in the afternoon today, police recieved a report of a suspicious package outside a store at Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui.
The city’s iconic trams are displaying a new smiling logo as the operator looks to reshape its visual identity to attract more passengers.
Kwok Wai-nok was found with cuts and stab wounds to his neck and head, following a nighttime trip up Black Hill in Lam Tin with three friends who have been arrested.
Hong Kong police say more young people have been falling prey to phone scams recently, possibly due to their being less exposed to news reports on the issue.
A scheme to prevent student suicides and improve mental health has drummed up a lot of support from many schools and students.