Hong Kong

Got a shiny new DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera and want to give astrophotography a try? Here are the basics to get you started.
Court of Final Appeal’s decision to hear their arguments will impact whether the motives for civil disobedience will be taken into consideration in the future.
Hong Kong Stroke Fund survey suggests that secondary school students don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, and don’t exercise enough.
Amongst the busy streets and skyscrapers are many peaceful, green spots. Here’s a guide to the best parks within our city.
Pro-democratic technology lawmaker Charles Mok Nai-kwong said Hong Kong has a long way to go to catch up to Silicon Valley as an innovation centre.
And from the sounds of it, she's been too busy falling in love to worry about the haters.
A new study used special DNA techniques to work out the species of shark being used in shark fin products.
Only a third of the businesses have earned more than HK$1 million since they started serving food earlier this year
Popular TV personality was in Hong Kong for a charity dinner hosted by Care for Children, and hopes to help at-risk youth find a place they can call home.
There is a worrying lack of certain historical events in the proposed curriculum that teachers will have to make up for, says legislator Ip Kin-yuen
Annual campaign discusses wide range of gender issues including LGBT rights and transgenderism.