Hong Kong

Veterinarians recommended euthanasia to prevent unnecessary suffering for ailing marsupial.
69 persons aged 24 and below died by suicide last year compared to 65 in 2015, while the highest suicide rate remains in the 60 and above age group.
The 16-year-old sunny songstress tells Young Post why she took a two year break from recording, and her plans for more covers and global success.
Undertakers work long hours and must attend to every detail to lessen the sorrow of those grieving.
Ocean Park’s annual Halloween bash is back! Here are the must-visit attractions you should queue up for first.
Facebook forum, Secrets, questions whether academic pressure is forcing local students to study abroad
China National Radio Hong Kong Edition takes over BBC World Service broadcast slot on Channel 6, amidst concerns over growing Beijing influence.
Officers have arrested 76 people in an anti-triad operation in Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai. Some of those arrested at the weekend were suspected of bribing teenagers to get them to help with gang activities.
We talk to the BMW Next Designer contest judge and past winners to get insiders tips on how to leave your competitors in the dust.
A lack of exercise and a sense of disempowerment regarding their future and our city's politics play a part in the dissatisfaction.
Another week, another typhoon. But this one won't affect us much!