Hong Kong

Remember the joy you felt blowing soap bubbles when you were young? This Sunday from 4-5pm, you can relive your fondest childhood memories by joining the Global Bubble Parade Hong Kong, which will be making its way from Edinburgh Place to Tamar Park.
British comedian and TV host Russell Howard talks about finding joy in dark times, and his gratitude towards the unknown man who made him a star on the mainland.
From today until July 6, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) will present its first ever Academy Festival to showcase the talents of young performing artists.
Say buhbye to your brolly this weekend: fine weather is expected after days of mist and drizzle. But don't put that umbrella too far away, as Hong Kong will experience a see-sawing in weather patterns in coming days as it transitions back to wetter conditions next week.
Well into its seventh year, Kids4Kids’ collection drive wants your old storybooks for those who can’t afford them.
A total of nine Hong Kong activists, including members of political groups Demosisto and the League of Social Democrats, were rounded up on Thursday morning for their alleged participation in a protest.
Tutors and students say some of the DSE questions this year were very much like those found in the HKALE accounting paper
A government-funded ­secondary school faces having to stop teaching in English because of a growing difference in student abilities, its principal said.
Crystal Fung went from being a HKU graduate, to winning Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2016. But she has, she says, had more than her fair share of mishaps along the way to where she is now.
Ex-chief executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen was given a break from prison life after a Hong Kong court granted his bail application on Monday.
Teachers and students have said this year’s DSE biology exam was a lot like last year’s, with Paper 1B testing students on their ability to analyse data and to use their experiment-based knowledge.