Hong Kong

Temperatures to increase by 2.5 to 10 degrees Celsius. More frequent droughts and heat waves. Sea levels rising by more than a metre... Is that the world you want to live in?
Food trucks are completely new to the city, and we are all licking our lips at the thought of their offerings. Our Junior reporters took the chance to taste food from the trucks at last weekend.
Earlier today, seven police officers were convicted of having kicked, punched and stepped on activist Ken Tsang during an Occupy protest more than two years ago.
A student has died after falling from the rooftop of an apartment building in Ma On Shan, the third Hong Kong teenager to die in such circumstances within eight days.
There should be tighter controls to stop young people from being able to buy alcohol, said the supervisor of the Youth Crime Prevention Centre (YCPC) Chan Man-ho.
At least 18 people were injured when a man tried to throw a fire bomb on a crowded MTR train as it entered Tsim Sha Tsui during peak hour on Friday night
At least 15 people have been injured after a man tried to throw a fire bomb on the train.
A Molotov cocktail is usually just a bottle which contains petrol.
At least 17 people have been injured in a fire on an MTR train in Tsim Sha Tsui station tonight.
Financial Secretary Paul Chan has issued warnings about possible trouble in the global economy, with countermeasures planned if Hong Kong is impacted by US President Donald Trump’s protectionist policies.
The League of Social Democrats lawmaker will compete against Carrie Lam, John Tsang, Regina Ip and Woo Kwok-hing as they vie for Hong Kong’s top political spot.