Hong Kong

Marvin Chan Yuk-lun and Macy Lai Man-sze suffer from rare neurological diseases, but they won’t let it get in the way of their goals.
Rock band Omega want to show that disabilities don’t have to stop you from doing what you love.
Offices evacuated, ferries cancelled, roads closed and school sports meeting cut short as police begin operation expected to last through the night.
Look to the skies tonight for three magical lunar events taking place all at the same time, something that was last seen more than 150 years ago.
New People’s Party member Judy Chan Ka-pui says her fellow candidate’s party, Demosisto, broke the rules.
Using a free coding course called Google CS First, students learn about the basics of computer science and programming.
If you’ve forgotten what makes Hong Kong so special, you may need an outsider’s perspective to remind you.
Jaws, Shark Tale, Sharknado: the world is fascinated with sharks. So why do we still allow the practise of cutting off their fins for food to continue?
Students have organised a large march at the university campus today, but what factors contributed to the escalating situation?
The university has suspended two students, following a stand-off with staff at the university’s Language Centre over the language module.