Hong Kong

Got a shiny new DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera and want to give astrophotography a try? Here are the basics to get you started.
The Hong Kong Observatory is forecasting cooler air from Saturday, when temperatures are set to drop to 19 degrees Celsius.
After a fierce competition, the winners of the annual youth contest, including two who will be performing at this weekend's Clockenflap, tell us why YRock is important.
A 15-year-old harpist and 2016 SOTY finalist will be hosting a charity music event in Sheung Wan next week, because she believes in giving back to the world in anyway you can.
The cause of the blaze in a second-floor unit is not yet established
A report found that this year’s liberal studies exam candidates had trouble interpreting pictures, and were unable to critically examine a given issue.
Only 10 per cent of candidates sat the exam, which is set to become a compulsory subject next year
It’s that special time of the year dedicated to doing ‘guy stuff’ again, and these activities are the perfect chance to show your bros some love.
The Territory-wide Systems Assessment still shows need for improvement in key areas of English learning
Local artists and owners of Toma Miniatures on the wonders of miniature art and why people of all ages shouldn’t be afraid to give it a go.