Hong Kong

Veterinarians recommended euthanasia to prevent unnecessary suffering for ailing marsupial.
When you think of street dance, you're probably not imagining a group of primary school kids, aged six to 12, popping and locking around Hong Kong.
Though the famed artist got his start by spraying the streets of LA, he tells Young Post that gallery work is a “necessary evil” to preserve one’s legacy.
Study by Economist Intelligence Unit says Hong Kong's education policy doesn't prepare students for the economy of the future and locals may lose out on jobs as a result.
Here's what goes on in the land of the living during the month of the dead.
Young Post talks to two teenage techies about juggling school and social life and still finding time to win gold in the MOS World Champions competition.
Education sector lawmaker Ip Kin-yuen defends Hong Kong students after criticism by HKU’s Arthur Li.
The drill – the second in three weeks - was not related to the pop singer’s upcoming performance, police say.
Senior CID, a social enterprise that enriches retired citizens‘ lives by offering them pet sitting jobs, has proven to be a big success.
Buried Alive Attraction has been closed pending an investigation by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
Our own team of super journalists took part in the Marvel themed running challenge this year and had a blast taking in the atmosphere, and getting a bit of exercise in too.