Hong Kong

Remember the joy you felt blowing soap bubbles when you were young? This Sunday from 4-5pm, you can relive your fondest childhood memories by joining the Global Bubble Parade Hong Kong, which will be making its way from Edinburgh Place to Tamar Park.
Discovery College’s Humza Bazarwala has sold 243 copies of his first children’s book The Ant & the Hud Hud since its first publication on April 28, with every cent of the $100 book being donated to volunteer organisation The White Helmets to help injured civilians in Syria.
Hong Kong recorded high levels of air pollution on Saturday, with conditions likely to worsen later in the day, authorities have said.
KMB will soon roll out a fleet of newly designed red buses, with seats that offer USB charging ports and free Wi-Fi.
An amber rainstorm warning was issued on Thursday morning, with more than 30 millimetres of precipitation expected to fall across the city and continue into the day.
Finnish start-up Lightneer, the team behind Angry Birds, have launched their new stealth learning science-based app Big Bang Legends in Hong Kong.
Moving to the other side of the world to make art is no easy feat, but Przemek Sobocki has made a success of his art and fashion illustration in Japan – and has never looked back.
Over the course of April, the Heep Yunn School’s (HYS) basketball team each took turns going without at least one meal a day in support of the World Vision Hong Kong’s Famine 30 campaign. The team did this to raise public awareness of the severe food crises in Africa.
Three 12-year-old students from the Canadian International School have come up with an inventive way to help victims of human trafficking fight mistreatment.
Teachers and students say this year’s Tourism and Hospitality Studies exam was very much like last year’s, with some very challenging questions in Paper Two
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