Hong Kong

When you think of classroom-based learning, a couple of things come to mind: lecture-style teaching, lots of note-taking, and plenty of textbook reading. After class is over, you leave.
In front of a packed room, prominent artists and writers read extracts of their works, which reflects on the post-colonial development of Hong Kong after 1997.
What’s black and white, and cute all over? No, not pandas – it’s the penguins at Ocean Park, who were fed and cared for by Lutheran School for the Deaf student Vincent Wan for one day in June.
Pro-democracy group Demosisto called for Hongkongers to take to the streets on July 1 after 26 activists were arrested for besieging the Golden Bauhinia statue in protest of the mainland government, hours ahead of President Xi Jinping’s arrival in Hong Kong.
The music video has received mixed reactions on Facebook and adding to that, here’s what the YP team thinks.
The decline in numbers of the rare species is due to construction projects creating noise and water pollution in their habitat, experts say.
The Hong Kong Celebrations Association, who had booked the football pitches in the park, had almost completely blocked the bronze statue
Thanks to their part in helping to run a student cafe at their school, a group of students have learned much more than just how to prepare a latte and flip a pancake.
Moves to challenge the Chinese government over the detention of Hong Kong booksellers on the mainland was inappropriate, chief executive-elect Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said.