Hong Kong

Got a shiny new DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera and want to give astrophotography a try? Here are the basics to get you started.
Possible factors for lower number of arrests include better youth support programmes and declining population of Hong Kong.
Joining HKYAF’s scriptwriting workshops helped students Gingin Mak and Maya Greenberg discover a different side of theatre.
The government also needs to provide better regulations against the selling of alcoholic drinks, says one youth support charity.
The 69-year old man slipped off notoriously dangerous slope at Kau Nga Ling on Sunday while hiking with friends.
Pilot programme at the University of Hong Kong will see Jasper the English sheepdog hanging out at the library for three days next month.
YP cadets Kunal Dadlani and Justin Sin find out just how real VR can get in this zombie shooter/escape room experience. The answer? Pretty real.
Latest results from Pisa included collaborative problem-solving as a category for the first time.
Evocative pictures painted with strong colours characterise 18-year-old Cheng Hon-shan’s collection of paintings.
Scheme will allow students who have completed Form Three to apply to the Technological and Higher Education Institute for vocational programmes.