Hong Kong

The temperature in Hong Kong is about the drop, but luckily so are pollution levels.
Only a third of the businesses have earned more than HK$1 million since they started serving food earlier this year.
Popular TV personality was in Hong Kong for a charity dinner hosted by Care for Children, and hopes to help at-risk youth find a place they can call home.
There is a worrying lack of certain historical events in the proposed curriculum that teachers will have to make up for, says legislator Ip Kin-yuen
Annual campaign discusses wide range of gender issues including LGBT rights and transgenderism.
It was 12 degrees Celsius at Tai Mo Shan this morning, but we could see temperatures up to nearly 30 degrees on Thursday
Former soldier Andy C. Neilson opened his first shop in Central in 1986 and sells a range of miniatures, from WWII tanks to Three Kingdoms characters.
A digital library database and longer opening hours on weekdays would improve the city’s reading culture.
Event sets a world record for “The Most People Battling against an Artificial Intelligence Chinese Chess System on the Spot Simultaneously”.
Taipei, Seoul and Jakarta dates have also been cancelled.
Committees aim to recruit those aged 18-35 to increase youth engagement in government, as a bureau spokesperson pledges recruitment will be done in an "open, fair, and just way".