Hong Kong

Master lion head maker Hui Ka-hung on his fascination with kung fu and lion dance, which spurred him to start his own zhizha company.
Investigations have revealed significant discrepancies between a Hong Kong democrat’s account of his alleged abduction and his actual activities on the day.
A new Junior Police Call training camp wants to appeal to young people with features such a zipline and laser range.
The five-day event teaches students how to create and grow their own start-ups. We spoke to participants about what they learned from the experience.
Environmental groups are calling for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic umbrella covers.
Nine of this year’s outstanding International Baccalaureate students shared their thoughts and advice on the exam.
Hongkongers who were touring Jiuzhaigou when the magnitude 7 quake struck on Tuesday have all been accounted for.
Howard Lam Tsz-kin was allegedly taken yesterday in Mong Kok by suspected mainland law enforcement agents and beaten.
The Retro.HK Gaming Expo 2017 is open from August 10-13 at Polytechnic University, and Young Post shows you the 7 things you must try out when you're there.
Hong Kong prosecutors want to overturn a court ruling against three Occupy activists who stormed government headquarters and triggered a 79-day protest in 2014, the Court of Appeal heard on Wednesday.
Detective Constable Kwan Ka-ho was released on bail Wednesday after paying HK$100,000 bail and being ordered not to leave Hong Kong.