Hong Kong

Students disappointed in appointment process and hope Tuan will keep communication channels open and defend academic freedom.
A case pursuing legal action against lawmakers Eddie Chu Hoi-dick and Cheng Chung-tai can’t continue because the plaintiff has not yet paid the HK$20,000 court case deposit.
Volunteers can trade their hours for a chance to meet inspiring mentors from a variety of fields.
If your weekend plans were ruined by Typhoon Roke, you weren’t the only one. A Typhoon No 8 signal was issued by the Hong Kong Observatory on Sunday at 9.20am, despite having said it was unlikely to upgrade the standby No 1 signal issued the night before.
It’s no secret that when it comes to education, Hong Kong students really feel the heat. They face stiff competition from their peers and intense pressure from their teachers and parents to get the best grades possible.
The Hong Kong government today unveiled the details of “co-location arrangements” at the local terminus of the high-speed rail link to Guangzhou.
Competition in self-financing degree courses is fiercer after the approval of the government’s July 19 funding boost for education of HK$3.6 billion, with 32 applicants competing for each place in the Open University’s animation and visual effects course.
Cats at Tong Fuk prison had a narrow escape after a new superintendent gave the order for them to be evicted from the buildings.
The record-breaking swimmer is set to make it to the finals at the competition this week.
When you think of classroom-based learning, a couple of things come to mind: lecture-style teaching, lots of note-taking, and plenty of textbook reading. After class is over, you leave.
Primary school students swap textbooks for golf clubs to learn STEM at the Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Academy.