A round-up of people around the world who were born in the year of the Hong Kong handover; some you may have heard of, others you may not have but should know about.
Am I old enough to date? How do I talk to my partner about my needs? Are my private parts the normal size?
Zhou Youguang, a onetime Wall Street banker from China who developed Pinyin, died January 14 in Beijing
Performer Alan Tam Wing-lun talks about the pain, joy, and occasional embarrassment of a life spent training to be a Cantonese opera star.
Since before he was two years old, Thomas Nick Xie Man-to’s mother has worked tirelessly to help him overcome his autism and find success in life.
For those who work in the gemstone industry in the valley of Mogok, north of Mandalay in Burma, life is not as shiny as the rubies and sapphires they find.
A filmmaker discovers that his friend receives little attention from his parents, and he realises we should never take things for granted.
In early 1939, peace activist Clare Hollingworth arrived on the Polish-German border to aid Jews and other refugees fleeing from the Sudetenland, newly annexed by Nazi Germany.
Why worry about world news when we can each have our own personal reality, handcrafted by clicks? Block the offensive, block the politically correct, block your mum!
We can safely say 2016 was quite the ride in terms of pop culture. Here is a list of great things in the world of pop culture that brought smiles to our faces.
“Arnold and Tim, if you’d come up, we’re going to give you a nice, beautiful check,” Donald Trump said.