Chech out the history of lion heads, art of paper crafting, and how modernisation has complemented the traditional aspects of producing these functional works of art.
The end of secondary school might still be a few years away for you, or the end might already be in sight – but either way, “What are you going to do next?”
My parents got divorced when I was young. My younger brother and I were brought up by our grandparents, uncle and aunt, and we lived with our two cousins.
Alexandru Radita’s first medical crisis began when he was on the verge of turning 3. A little more than a decade later, Alex died bedridden and emaciated.
In Egypt’s conservative southern province of Minya, young girls in black leotards and white tights wobble on their tip toes to classical music in a room painted with colourful motifs.
Styrofoam takeaway containers, plastic bags, individually-wrapped strawberries ... life doesn’t need to be this way.
Malaysian police have revealed that the nerve agent VX was used to kill Kim Jong-nam when he was attacked at Kuala Lumpur’s international airport.
Duck behind the Hong Kong Cultural Centre this Saturday, and you’ll hear blaring beats and see jaw-dropping street dance moves from more than 1,000 participants from all over Asia.
Last summer, I produced a one minute video with the help of Unicef HK’s Make A Video tutors and their assistants.
Hong Kong is a cultural hotpot. People from all four corners of the globe make “Asia’s World City” one of the most diverse places on the planet in terms of food, fashion, and festivities.
When it comes to fakes, China can be considered a pioneer. From the enduringly popular fake handbags, replica Rolls Royces, and even counterfeit KFC, there is nothing China won’t duplicate.