The Year of the Dog (February 16-February 4 2019) calls for a balanced, no-nonsense attitude over the next 12 months.
Who has time for crushing crowds when there are tonnes of quieter (but just as stunning) islands to explore in the 852?
After experiencing early success followed by devastating loss, Sandra Mak's new philosophy is to “spend time in what you believe in".
Hong Kong remains one of the biggest consumers of this traditional Chinese dish, despite the cruelty, and the damage it does to our marine ecosystem.
It was impossible to avoid Pokémon Go, but you may not know that it’s predecessor was invented by HK’s own Keith Li way back in 2005, before the iPhone itself.
Meditation may be a centuries-old practice, but its benefits haven’t been lost on today’s younger generations.
Microsoft’s U-turn to end its design programme Paint shows the power of nostalgia. A Paint expert tells us why he continues to use it to this day.
For decades, saturated fats have been found guilty of causing heart-related health problems.
While a summer job can be a great way to gain some work experience, it isn’t the only way to boost your CV during the holidays. So if you didn’t manage to get one, don’t worry.
If you claim to be a fan of Hong Kong design and architecture, you will have heard of Goods of Desire (G.O.D.), DelayNoMore, or – at the very least – been to the 1960s style cha chaan teng Starbucks on Duddell Street.