A round-up of people around the world who were born in the year of the Hong Kong handover; some you may have heard of, others you may not have but should know about.
Why do humans build machines that resemble them – and what does that say about us? A London exhibition is surveying 500 years of simple to sophisticated robots to find out.
There is no escaping the pressures of society, so the best thing we can do is learn to face the challenges head-on.
You know those really cool scenes in law dramas when the cocky young lawyer stands up in court and bellows: “Objection!”
Most people have probably never heard of 111-year-old linguist Zhou Youguang. But if you’re learning Chinese, you’ve seen his work.
While it is mandatory for many students in Hong Kong to learn Hanyu Pinyin in Putonghua classes, Cantonese Pinyin is rarely used to learn pronunciations of Traditional Chinese.
Who knows what the Year of the Rooster will bring, but there are more than a few things worth getting excited about, so here is what we’re looking forward to most
As much as we’d like to believe there are equal opportunities available for all young entrepreneurs, that’s not really the case in an increasingly competitive world.
Letters to Nour recently premiered in the Belgian city of Liege, and it's one of a growing body of works tackling the impact of extremism in Europe.
From insect-shaped highlighters, to DIY pencil cases, we’ve found some seriously fun stationary pieces to jazz up your school work.