Chech out the history of lion heads, art of paper crafting, and how modernisation has complemented the traditional aspects of producing these functional works of art.
A musical show blended two traditional tales to teach the legend of Tuen Ng to those who might not know it.
Let your dad know how much he means to you: in this week's Sunday Young Post (June 18), we'll be publishing your messages of love and appreciation.
Mother’s Day gifts are easy. If you can’t think of anything original, most mums will appreciate a bunch of flowers, or a new bottle of her favourite perfume, or even simply a home-cooked meal and a promise you’ll tidy your room for a month without her having to nag you.
Time flies when you’re having fun – just ask the guy who opened a company that sells customised watches to people all over the world.
May 3 marked World Press Freedom Day, an opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance of a free and accountable news media. Young Post published a special edition, with some fake news stories, and some censored stories, to highlight how difficult life can be when the press is not free.
A sports-loving West Island Schooler tells Lauren James what it’s like living with type one diabetes, and why a new invention is changing the way she manages her condition.
You’re scrolling through your Facebook feed – only to find that your friends have gone out without you. You feel betrayed. Upset. Insecure. A little angry. Why didn’t they invite you? Don’t they like you? Aren’t you cool enough?
Elephant Community Press offers writing workshops to young people to give them a chance to share their stories and be heard in their communities.
The district of Chai Wan is packed with industrial and residential blocks, the paint on their walls already worn out ages ago, leaving only black and rusty traces that appear after every scour of rainwater.
This story was part of Elephant Community Press' 2017 exhibition, "Hong Kong Farm to Table: Stories of Local Food Producers".