Feel like you’re always getting a bad deal? Learning to negotiate will help you reach happy agreements with teachers, parents, friends, and future employers.
Hong Kong is a cultural hotpot. People from all four corners of the globe make “Asia’s World City” one of the most diverse places on the planet in terms of food, fashion, and festivities.
When it comes to fakes, China can be considered a pioneer. From the enduringly popular fake handbags, replica Rolls Royces, and even counterfeit KFC, there is nothing China won’t duplicate.
Michelle DeMello walked into the clerk’s office in Colorado, in the US, thinking for sure someone would save her.
It was Miaofan Chen’s first trip away from her native China. At lunch with us in Denver, she looked so bemused that I had to ask: “Is this the first time you’ve had a hamburger?”
It seems like every day we hear accusations of “fake news”, whether it’s from the US leader, or in conjunction with Jakarta’s upcoming election for governor.
1 Does the URL look odd? That “com.co” ending on an otherwise authentic-looking website is a red flag. When in doubt, click on the “Contact” and “About” links to see where they lead.
Why do humans build machines that resemble them – and what does that say about us? A London exhibition is surveying 500 years of simple to sophisticated robots to find out.
There is no escaping the pressures of society, so the best thing we can do is learn to face the challenges head-on.
You know those really cool scenes in law dramas when the cocky young lawyer stands up in court and bellows: “Objection!”