Chinese officials are set to ban the sale of dog meat at the annual Yulin festival, according to China-based activists.
Today, there were more explosions, and fears of chemical disaster spread.
A fireman has been found alive after he went missing tackling the massive explosions in Tianjin on Wednesday night.
An enormous explosions in the major Chinese port city of Tianjin killed at least 44 people and injured more than 500
A massive explosion racked China's coastal city of Tianjin late on Wednesday, killing at least 44 and injuring hundreds
A 17 year-old girl in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, got into a fight with a dog and its owner, resulting in the girl’s left ear being bitten off … not by the dog, but the owner.
The composer of one of the official anthems of Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympics is facing criticism over claims his song bears an uncanny similarity to Let it Go, the theme from Disney’s blockbuster film Frozen.
Biggest storm of the year, Soudelor, takes a life.
People ride escalators in an electronics store in Beijing. A woman died in the Anliang department store in Jingzhou after falling through one of the escalator panels.
An escalator collapsed under a woman who just managed to shove her son to safety before she died before horrified staff at a shopping centre.
Chen Dejuan offers hugs for 10 yuan outside a subway station in Chingqing.
A mother is trying to “sell hugs” for money to pay for medical treatment for her daughter, who has leukaemia, reports news portal
Dogs being sold at a dog market in Yulin.
For years people in China have been eating dogs, especially at an annual festival, which was held today. Now it seems the festival is going out of fashion