Sports teacher in southeastern city of Suzhou suspended pending investigation, but denies deliberately hurting youngsters.
May 16 marks 50 years since the declaration of China’s Cultural Revolution, a decade that plunged the country into chaos, leaving millions dead and transforming its political landscape.
Two individuals who lived on the mainland during this time talk about their experiences
It's been eight years since the disaster, and while there's been recovery the memories and pain are still very much present today.
A project to create useful items from old school uniforms won four friends a place at a competition in Shanghai.
Beijing seems to be ignoring the Panama Papers, but it has been quick to censor any internet discussion of the topic.
Putin, Xi, Cameron, Messi, everyone's talking about who's been caught in the Panama Papers affair. Here's what we know
Hong Kong will never become an independent sovereign state in 2047, says Qiao Xiaoyang, head of the National People’s Congress Law Committee.
A Hong Kong bookseller detained on the mainland returned to the city on Sunday morning and said he did not require any police or government assistance.
In January, four lucky students got a glimpse of the Airbus aircraft manufacturing base in Beijing, and found out there’s more to the industry than just being a pilot.
Mass layoffs are planned for 5-6 million employees in "zombie enterprises" over the next two to three years in China's newest major retrenchment programme.