The encrypted messaging service WhatsApp is suffering intermittent disruptions in China as communist authorities tighten censorship controls ahead of a major ruling party meeting.
French reporter Ursula Gauthier has warned of dark days to come for journalists working on the mainland. Beijing made Gauthier leave after she criticised government policy in mainly Muslim Xinjiang province.
After announcing in late October 2015 that the one-child policy will be relaxed, the central government has finally made the new policy official.
Rescuers dug out the first survivor of the Shenzhen landslide disaster early on Wednesday morning after three days of searching, state media reported.
Prosecutors in eastern China have filed a lawsuit against a county-level environmental protection department, accusing it of "failing to fulfil its regulatory duties" in its supervision of a local sewage firm.
The leaders of Taiwan and China have not met for talks in more than 65 years, but on Saturday, after two years of planning and preparation, all of that changed.
The mainland has ended its controversial one-child policy, and all couples will now be allowed to have two children. But what does this mean for the country's economic and social development in the future?
When students misbehave, many school teachers in the mainland use a similar way to punish their students. But one teacher in Sichuan has taken it to the next level.
The Communist Party has pledged to boost Hong Kong's role in China's economic development and opening up to the outside world in the document adopted at its fifth plenum, which ended yesterday.
China announced the end of its hugely controversial one-child policy on Thursday, after decades of strict, sometimes brutal enforcement.
“Hey, have you guys heard what's going on in China? President Xi Jinping's new style?"