The encrypted messaging service WhatsApp is suffering intermittent disruptions in China as communist authorities tighten censorship controls ahead of a major ruling party meeting.
Mass layoffs are planned for 5-6 million employees in "zombie enterprises" over the next two to three years in China's newest major retrenchment programme.
The interview was aired hours after Hong Kong police disclosed they had met Lee in a guest house at an undisclosed location on the mainland, six weeks after they have asked for a meeting with Lee.
Four of the missing Hong Kong booksellers who have been detained in China, have confessed on television to illegally smuggling books into the mainland.
Ganxian man returning to mainland from Venezuela diagnosed with virus
The police force in Guangdong province has not responded to requests from Hong Kong police for a meeting with missing bookseller Lee Bo, Hong Kong's security chief said.
It's time to check out some of the beautiful artwork from the annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival
Meet the villagers that make China's famous New Year lanterns.
Under a formal agreement, Beijing has to tell Hong Kong within 14 days whether or not it has detained a Hong Kong resident.
A woman in Shenzhen has died after being infected with the highly contagious H5N6 bird flu virus. She died days after she was admitted to hospital, Hong Kong’s Health Department said today.