Chinese officials are set to ban the sale of dog meat at the annual Yulin festival, according to China-based activists.
After the tragedy in Tianjin, China sacks Yang Dongliang, its work-safety boss
An explosion at a chemical plant in eastern China killed one person and injured nine others, a state news agency reported Sunday, 10 days after a similar disaster at a chemical warehouse in Tianjin killed 129 people.
Authorities are warning that cyanide levels in the waters around the Tianjin Port explosion site have risen, although they declared that the city’s drinking water was safe.
One of the two owners of the warehouse responsible for the Tianjin blasts is the son of a former police chief.
Some residents and journalists near the blast site in Tianjin experienced burns on their skin as rain hit the Binhai New Area yesterday.
Mainlanders are in the headlines again for their bad bathroom etiquette – namely, not using a bathroom at all.
Sodium cyanide is what executioners use in gas chambers in the USA, and there was 700 tonnes of it stored at the site of last week's multiple explosions. And now it's raining
Here's what Chinese authorities have found so far on the potent mix of chemicals involved in the Tianjin explosions.
Relatives allege some firemen who were first at Tianjin blaze were under age when recruited, did not get much training and don't count on official "missing" lists
What we know so far about the disaster in Tianjin