Sports teacher in southeastern city of Suzhou suspended pending investigation, but denies deliberately hurting youngsters.
Graffiti artist Liu Bolin uses streets as a canvas for his political and artistic statements.
Blending into graffiti-covered walls and flawlessly integrating into urban streets is just another day of work for 38-year-old artist Liu Bolin.
Changfu villagers, who gave up land to be used for panda conservation, have turned to beekeeping as a lucrative new form of income.
Giant pandas can capture the hearts of the public with a simple smile, but they will need more than that if they are to win back their natural habitat.
polo op_L
If you would like to learn more about the “Sport of Kings”, China’s largest polo facility...
Julia Lovell, author of 'The Opium War'
Every student either here or on the mainland has heard in school about the Opium War in 1839. Yet that does not mean that nothing new can be said on the subject..
Swinging away_L
Young Post headed up to Tianjin last weekend to catch up with some top young polo players, watch a match and even try their hand at the sport...
Alexandra Harney with the teenage workers from Room 817.
In Room 817 of a grey building inhabited by factory workers in the Futian business district, a dozen teenage girls were nibbling lychees...
A step in the right direction_L
Mao Zedong once said "women hold up half the sky". There's little doubt that, since feudal times, the status of women in China has improved...
Lionel Derimais profiles well-made products and services from china.
Lionel Derimais is a man with a mission. He says many people think "Made in China" is rubbish and things are getting worse each year. But Derimais wants to prove them wrong...
china in a big red box_L
There are just five days until the Shanghai Expo closes. Since it opened on May 1, more than 70 million people have passed through the gates, ready for a day of cultural exchange...
Chris Lee Cheuk-wing (left) and Sissi Zhu Shuang
In 2008, Sissi Zhu Shuang graduated from university in Beijing with a degree in social work.She then set her sights on coming to Hong Kong...