Sports teacher in southeastern city of Suzhou suspended pending investigation, but denies deliberately hurting youngsters.
Summer is so hot and humid that you might just want to stay in your air-conditioned room with your X-Box. But if you want a summer holiday to remember, maybe go on a volunteer trip. You'll see new places and help others at the same time...
Face off: Police and protesters come face-to-face over a metal barricade before pepper spray is used.
Pro-democracy activists stormed past security staff at AsiaWorld-Expo on Monday. At the time, Li Fei was explaining that Beijing’s strict restrictions the city’s 2017 chief executive election released on Sunday.
Zhang Dejiang (centre, rear) presides over the 12th NPC Standing Committee at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.
China moved on Wednesday to limit candidates for Hong Kong's leader in the 2017 election to a handful of Beijing loyalists, local media reported. This will likely escalate plans by pro-democracy activists to blockade the city’s Central business district...
Jaycee Chan, son of Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan, was arrested on drug-related charges in Beijing, along with Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko, police said on Monday evening...
Ma Qinghua dreams of becoming the first Chinese Formula One racer.
There has never been a Formula One driver from China, but that could soon change as a Shanghai speedster zips past the chequered flag.
A 25-year-old from Jiangsu was found dead in front of his computer while watching Chile play Australia in a World Cup match early on Saturday morning.
A candlelight vigil takes place in Hong Kong every year to remember the dead.
While organisers expected up to 200,000 to gather in Hong Kong last night to commemorate the Tiananmen crackdown, a survey has revealed that more young Hongkongers are demanding justice over the issue.
Three Hongkongers who chose to study across the border tell Young Post how they survived language and cultural challenges
Following the initiation of Deng Xiaoping's economic reforms in 1978, millions of people have been lifted out of poverty in China. In this sense, aren't the Chinese authorities worthy of the Nobel peace prize? This is the question that Dambisa Moyo asked us during a special lecture in Paris.
A couple wear masks to protect themselves from the pollution in Beijing.
According to economists at the World Bank, China is predicted to overtake the United States as the world's largest economy by the end of this year.