Chinese internet users offered to donate winter clothing for Wang Fuman, who walks 4.5km to school every day.
A couple wear masks to protect themselves from the pollution in Beijing.
According to economists at the World Bank, China is predicted to overtake the United States as the world's largest economy by the end of this year.
Would you shop at a mall that has shops with dodgy goods for sale? A place where, if you tried to get your money back for a bad quality item you bought, you couldn't? Online, such a "mall" exists. It's called Taobao, and, apart from the odd complaint, Hong Kong shoppers love it. Taobao, a mainland...
One of Xing Chengai's feline artworks on display at the Meow Art Exhibition.
Just do a Google search for Maru, Nala Cat, Grumpy Cat, Henri Le Chat Noir, or Lil Bub, and you'll see why feline fervour on social media is so intense.
The real-life Transformers were built by a group of farmers as a rather unusual hobby. The robots are made out of second-hand car parts.
Autobots, transform and roll out! These real-life Transformers have been built out of old car parts by a group of farmers in Shandong province. Although they don't actually transform yet, the farmers are working on it.
We all agree that media organisations should not take sides in their news reports. But often their ideas - both political and personal - are subtly expressed.
A rally in Tsim Sha Tsui demanded a limit on the number of mainland visitors.
I don't like travelling around Hong Kong. I was on the MTR one day when I met a menacing figure who seemed to have a severe addiction to Louis Vuitton bags. She was flaunting a fake leather suitcase just large enough to fit two cans of milk powder. As I pinned my eyes on her gold-plated glasses...
Zhang Zefang sits alone in her house in Fusheng village, east of Chongqing. All she wants is to go into a nursing home. Such places are rare in China, and most are too expensive for the average family.
With more people living longer on the mainland, a question emerges: who should take care of them? The law says it is up to children to look after their ...
A guard stands next to the banner hung by the boy's relatives
A fifth-grade primary school student jumped to his death after he was not able to finish a 1,000 character self-criticism letter. A China National Radio report ...
Chao Hing in the wilderness
The economic development of the mainland has lifted millions of people out of poverty. Today, many of them are proud to say they live in modern cities. But ...
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Yang Hui, 16, emerged early yesterday morning from police detention by flashing a V sign for victory and wearing a sweater with the slogan "Make the change".