Junior reporters learn to spot the differences between sea lions and seals, and find out more about creatures from ecosystems all across the globe.
A lesson in Islam at the local mosque teaches YP junior reporters a lot more than just about the religion, it also revealed much about the culture.
Live reporting isn’t just about posting a few things on Facebook or Instagram. Our junior reporters learned what it means to report from where the action is.
Instead of telling them to grow up and act their age, we sent our junior reporters to MAX!, a fun-filled event for kids, held by Marriott International!
Four junior reporters went to RosaGallery to try their hand at making a unique and beautiful work of art using preserved flowers.
With farms being destroyed to make way for buildings, activist Becky Au tells us to think green.
The faculty of science of the University of Hong Kong held The SMArt Weekend earlier this month, inviting students from secondary schools to science projects including making a pinhole camera on their own.
Beginning in early January each year, Mardi Gras is a time for food and carnivals. Probably the most delicious tradition associated with the Christian festival is the King Cake, invented 300 years ago in France.
Looking back to the Umbrella Movement of 2014, Fanny Law is not sure if most of the young participants fully understood the issues.
After taking a ride on the famous cable car, junior reporters took a closer look at the sights and sounds of Ngong Ping, which offers visitors some new and interesting experiences.
Would you feel faint if you need to walk or even run on a fenceless track 238 metres high, especially on a windy day? Young Post JRs Anushka Purohit and Nicholas Ng gave it a a try on the Macao Tower.