With the Broadway production of Evita currently wowing audiences in Hong Kong, Sophia Li and Karina Chan met cast members to learn how to perform the show’s famous dance.
During the summer vacation, Ronna wrote a story called the Magic Mouse. She was inspired by a book called the Tale of Despereaux. She shares her story with YP readers...
Jane Goodall with YP junior reporters (from left) Pearl Chan, Hetty Lee and Hollie Chung
Young Post Junior Reporters interview Jane Goodall at the Roots & Shoots Asia Pacific Youth Summit. Read the full report of their encounter
(From left) Gloria Cheung Hoi-yin, Karen Chan Tsz-yan, Stephanie Siu Wing-laam and Heyna Wong
False eyelashes have become increasingly common among Asian girls in recent years. They can transform your looks, making your eyes bigger, fuller and more appealing...
men's grooming_L
Skincare is for everyone - not just girls. Read about our male readers' experience taking part in a grooming workshop and learning how to avoid pimples
A day out on the sea_L
Young Post readers took to the high seas and learned about sailing in a workshop by the Hong Kong Catamaran Club...
orthodox jew culture_L
David Caron tells us about the Orthodox Jew tradition
Bittersweet truths_L
A coffee workshop had an energising effect on a group of Young Post readers who learned about coffee beans, the history of the beverage and the art of making a mouth-watering cup of espresso...
Apa khabar? This means how are you in Bahasa (Malay). I am a Malaysia-born Chinese, and I am definitely proud of that. Come with me on a short journey to Malaysia...
Natalie won our Easter photo competition; part of her prize was to shadow an SCMP Photographer.
Dolphins are some of the most intelligent - and popular - creatures in the world, and last month, some lucky Young Post readers got to hang out with the clever critters...
Nepalese culture_L
I'm a Nepali. Nepal is a land-locked Asian country located near China and India.