Personal development

Mike putting me through my paces in my private session on Thursday.
The odds were not in my favour this week. And, okay, I may have unintentionally volunteered myself for one of my mishaps, but still. 
Working on the TRX was a fun challenge, and very different to riding the bike.
It was Sunday morning, I should be in bed, but I found myself on a bus going to Central to ride a stationary bicycle.
Don't be fooled by the pretty colours. The kettleballs at Coastal Fitness are there to help push you to your limits!
"I'm not strong enough." During week two, these were the thoughts I had holding me back. Although my muscles had mostly stopped aching and were getting used to the regular workouts, I still didn't think I was really that strong.
Shhhh! I'm "exercising"!
After a lovely summer of lounging and eating out, it’s time to get started with my share of the #YPGetFit challenge. Fortunately my body scan said I have a metabolic age of 23. That’s closer to my mental age of 13 than to my real age, so I must be doing something right. Still, we can probably...
Quinton Arendse (right), co-founder and head trainer at Versus supervises a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class.
“Heidi, relax. Don't be so tense,” said Quinton, the co-founder and head trainer at Versus. He's right, I needed to relax. It's okay I'm so unsure...
Cycling studio at Torq Cycle
Young Post's reporter Wong Yat-hei takes on the bike, and learns the hard way that it's going to be an uphill struggle
Young Post reporter Ariel Conant first week of strength training at Coastal Fitness was a story of blood, sweat and tears. (OK, no blood or tears, but certainly lots of sweat!)
Versus Performance is well equipped with gear for its students, as well as with a host of patient and talented trainers
Excuse me, while I get comfortable on my couch. Today was my third day and fourth session of training at Versus Performance and I'm sore. Very sore...
Many of us always seem to have a reason why we can't exercise. Maybe we're too tired, or don't have enough time. But don't be lazy! Good fitness is a big part of good health. Here are five easy YouTube videos that give you a great workout in less than 10 minutes.
Working holidays have become the latest trend. But what motivates people to pick up their backpacks and decide to spend their summers taking part in a working holiday?