Personal development

No matter how your Jupas applications turn out, your need to have a clear plan and prepare for the future - whatever your final grade.
Hei working on the tricep Dip
Throughout September reporter Wong Yat-hei will work out at Torq Cycle. In his last week, he reflects on all he has learned.
Hei working on strengthening his core.
Throughout September, reporter Wong Yat-hei will train at Torq Cycle. This week, he learns that it's the core that really matters
Chin Teik, founder and president of Chin Teik Consulting based in Hong Kong, shares some of experience and knowledge, that you can apply to your school and daily life, to use your time more efficiently.
Young Post web sub-editor Heidi Yeung (L) can kick it (yes she can) with Mike Dacuno after a month at Versus.
When Heidi Yeung volunteered for martial arts, some doubted whether this beauty fiend would be able to handle it. Turns out there's some fight behind that make-up and glowing skin.
"The adult world has traditionally not been very accepting of failure. In most business cultures, it is better to fake your way through something than to admit you don't know the real answers. If you don't admit your ignorance, you can never learn."
Having a mental illness is often seen as shameful. This means many people try to hide their problems and do not get the help they need. But mental illness like depression is a serious and valid condition, and there's help out there.
Young Post's own Ariel Conant gets some life out of the deadlift ... a 65kg deadlift.
The common thinking is that lifting heavy weights is only for people who want big muscles, but Ariel Conant soon found out - the hard way - that that isn't true at all.
The most fun exercise is the back extensions (with a 12.5kg dumbbell)
With my new "can do" attitude, I was more than ready to tackle week three at Coastal Fitness Performance Training. 
It's tough to keep your gloves up after an hour of high-intensity training
After two weeks of training, my stamina has improved a bit, and I no longer fall over backwards when I attempt a kick. The muscular tension from the gruelling Muay Thai cardio sessions is nicely relieved by the antigravity yoga.
Mike putting me through my paces in my private session on Thursday.
The odds were not in my favour this week. And, okay, I may have unintentionally volunteered myself for one of my mishaps, but still.