Traditional Chinese doctors say that a body is made up of yin and yang energies, and that summer can bring out too much yang (or heat) in all of us. Counter that imbalance in your body with these seven different foods.
A global mix, Thai fusion cafe.
A traditional British tea shop. There are Union Jack cushions at every sofa, tiny tables barely big enough for a pot of tea, and even fake books in a bookshelf-style wall display.
Downstairs is like a New York-style pizzeria: it's homey, with Italian newspaper cuttings, vintage posters plastering a wall on one side, and an exposed brick wall.
Where do you find the best mooncakes in HK's crowded market? A team of Young Post readers and staff put their tastebuds to the test…
Beyrouth Bistro is one of the rare places where you can eat a kebab without feeling like you need to shower afterwards
Despite being in a food court-style section of the mall, this branch of Wang Jia Sha has made a lot of effort when it comes to appearance.
This two-storey shop features simple white decorations on the walls and warm lighting. Head upstairs for the best atmosphere.
Yuen Long doesn't exactly have a reputation as the best place for exotic food. However, it is an enticing destination for those who want top-quality, traditional cooking.
The cadets at Young Post put their cookery skills to the test by taking on a rice cooker challenge: preparing four unconventional, non-rice dishes in one of the staple appliances of any Hong Kong kitchen.
The whole place is painted black, with several hand drawn emoji-like doodles of muffins, ice cream and the like on the walls - similar to a chalkboard mural.