Making HK-style milk tea, which represents two cultures fusing into one, takes skill.
Traditional, authentic, homely Vietnamese cuisine. Bustling energy of this popular joint makes up for a lacklustre setting, as does excellent cooking and attentive service.
Japanese hot pot, buffet style. Gyu Jin ShabuShabu & Sukiyaki is a small but comfortable place with a all you can eat buffet.
Want to look better, be fitter and have better skin? Want to be smarter and get better grades? You can, with one simple trick!
Bring the gang, and fill up on exciting starters in a funky, laidback setting
Red hot food is worth the brisk service at Xia Mian Guan
An urban farm in Causeway Bay is encouraging peopleto cook less to enjoy food more. YP cadet Andrea Zoen went for a raw lunch to taste the difference for herself.
A global mix, Thai fusion cafe.
A traditional British tea shop. There are Union Jack cushions at every sofa, tiny tables barely big enough for a pot of tea, and even fake books in a bookshelf-style wall display.
Downstairs is like a New York-style pizzeria: it's homey, with Italian newspaper cuttings, vintage posters plastering a wall on one side, and an exposed brick wall.
Where do you find the best mooncakes in HK's crowded market? A team of Young Post readers and staff put their tastebuds to the test…