Mid-Autumn Festival is just one week away, and that can only mean one thing: mooncakes! Forget greasy pastries; Young Post's junior reporters tried some unusual types, including custard, chocolate and ice cream

Kitchen Ninja: Filleting a fish

n our last "Kitchen Ninja" demonstration, Towngas Cooking Centre manager Pauline Wong talks us through how to create neat fillets out of any fish.
Recently it seems that everyone is talking about going gluten-free. Gluten-free restaurants are popping up around Hong Kong, and gluten-free labels are appearing on food in some grocery stores. But what is this new trend really all about...

Kitchen Ninja: Cooking rice without a rice cooker

Rice cookers are one of the essentials in a kitchen in Hong Kong. But there are situations which call for rice to be cooked in a pot over a flame.

Kitchen Ninja: Steaming fish

If you're TIRED OF greasy fried fish where you can only taste the batter, then you'll love this delicious and healthy steam-powered alternative from Towngas Cooking Centre's Pauline Wong.

Kitchen Ninja: Making chicken stock

After you have enjoyed the meat from a chicken, it doesn't mean it's no longer useful. Towngas Cooking Centre's Kaley Leung shows how to use the leftover carcass to make a STOCK.

Kitchen Ninja: How to joint a chicken

We're kicking things up a notch in our kitchen skills series and PICKING UP the big knives. Towngas Cooking Centre's Kaley Leung and our cadet Winnie demonstrates how to separate a entire chicken into eight pieces like you would find in the supermarket.
Lose 5 kilos in just a week! A new secret to weight loss! The diet celebrities are raving about! Every year, new fad diets emerge, promising miracles for weight loss and fitness. But how effective and healthy are they?

Kitchen Ninja: Chopping onions

In the third video of our kitchen skills series, Towngas Cooking Centre's Kaley Leung and our cadet Sharon show how to dice up an onion SAFELY, quickly and efficiently.
On a baking hot day in Chai Wan, I learned what it's like to make your own breakfast and snacks from Dr Simon Wong, the founder and principal of the training centre, who's been studying the craft for more than 30 years.