Soulless canteen, with overly bright lights, closely packed tables, brusque (but efficient) servers, and Spartan table settings. Luckily, what it lacks in atmosphere, it more than makes up for in flavour.
With Easter just round the corner, Young Post's junior reporters reviewed some of the Easter chocolates (and jellies) out there to help you choose your holiday treats
Christmas and New Year's have finished, but with Lunar New Year coming up on February 19, the holiday season isn't over yet. That means holiday eating is still in full swing, when we tend to let go of healthy habits and get stuck in a bad cycle of overeating junk food.
Here's a quick look of 2014 picks of the best places to eat out!
Rachel Khoo is not afraid to combine different flavours in new ways.
In a quaint little kitchen, Rachel Khoo is giving a tutorial on how to make a quiche lorraine, a French pastry containing eggs and bacon.
People were surprised when professional badminton player Yip Pui-yin opened up a cake shop, but she's determined to prove she knows how to bake a smashing cake.
If you ever use a microwave oven to reheat food, do you wonder if the food is as safe or as healthy as it was before? This is an issue that has been debated for years: does using microwaves to cook food damage it?
My eyes were burning, and tears were streaming down my face. My nose was running...I started coughing. YP's Ariel Conant braves some of Hong Kong's spiciest eats
So many Halloween candies, and you can only eat so much! Don't waste time and money on ones that aren't that great. Here's a ranking of some of the Halloween candy out there.
A lifelong love of dim sum influenced Zhen Jiamin to pursue a career in the kitchen. On September 14, she competed against four other young talented chefs in the finals of Dim Sum Young Talent Competition 2014.