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If your skin feels dry all the time, you're worried about acne, or you just want to take better care of the face you show the world, keep reading. Because skincare isn't just a thing for girls.
Sonali effortlessly radiates Hermione's easy-going look that is both youthful and polished.
Everyone needs a hero, and for girls, some of the best role models are found in fiction. This month we look at four heroines, and how their distinct personalities can be translated into hair and make-up styles you can imitate.
The mood board for Hermione's look
Intelligent, witty, strong and indenpendent, Hermione Granger is more than a talented witch. She's a role model for young girls everywhere, and here is how you can interpret and imitate her look and style
Young Post editor Susan Ramsay has no time to read make-up blogs, so for our last “Don’t Quit Your Day Job”, we sent her to learn some skills from an expert. And then practise them on a brave cadet.
Jimin looks nervous as Sue brandishes a brown pencil
Okay, I confess, I find make-up to be a necessary evil. It's a camouflage to blend in with other women, and a complete waste of time and money.
We can barely believe it, but September's just a week away. As well as getting our school supplies and assignments ready, we're going to take some extra time this week to get our skincare routine back on track...
Need to treat your skin before school starts but spent all your allowance? Don't worry, we have some cheap, homemade solutions...
Most of us wouldn't think twice about throwing away our old shoes. After all, what good are flapping soles and broken heels? But some creative people look past the tattered straps and scuffed uppers and see something different: art materials.
Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's
There is nothing quite as irreplaceable, versatile or timeless as the little black dress, or "LBD". Despite being first designed in the 1920s, LBDs remain a staple in every modern woman's wardrobe.
Prom isn't just a chance for girls to look their best - the boys should make the most of it, too You don't need to stick to a suit and tie for your look to be "formal" - include a bit of your personality in your outfit, and have fun with it. Here are a few ideas to get you started ...
Prom, grad, end-of-year dinner: these evenings are the highlights of the school year, and should be a night to remember. We're put together some advice for before, during and after, to make sure everyone has the best time possible!