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While only you can find the unique voice, style, and that “something special” that sets you apart, it’s always useful to have expert advice.
Oscar de la Renta watches as the final model walks the runway during the presentation of his Spring 2013 collection at Fashion Week in New York
Oscar de la Renta, the worldly gentleman designer who shaped the wardrobe of socialites and Hollywood stars for more than four decades, has died. He was 82.
There's no need to spend a small fortune on a huge collection of make-up brushes. Just get the essential ones and take good care of them. Here are the ones you need.
Beauty trends are always changing, and with so many brands on the market, it's hard sticking to one product, or one country. This week,we investigate whether Korean beauty products are the next big thing
This week's fictional heroine makeover, inspired by Divergent's Beatrice Prior, takes that fierce determination and independent thinking and brings it into a wearable, chic look
Everyone feels out of place at times: Who hasn't wished they could magically transform into someone else? The X-Men's Mystique is proudly unique, and a role model for anyone who's ever felt "different".We translated her stunning look into a wearable style for this week's fictional heroine makeover
Sonali effortlessly radiates Hermione's easy-going look that is both youthful and polished.
Everyone needs a hero, and for girls, some of the best role models are found in fiction. This month we look at four heroines, and how their distinct personalities can be translated into hair and make-up styles you can imitate.
The mood board for Hermione's look
Intelligent, witty, strong and indenpendent, Hermione Granger is more than a talented witch. She's a role model for young girls everywhere, and here is how you can interpret and imitate her look and style
Young Post editor Susan Ramsay has no time to read make-up blogs, so for our last “Don’t Quit Your Day Job”, we sent her to learn some skills from an expert. And then practise them on a brave cadet.
Jimin looks nervous as Sue brandishes a brown pencil
Okay, I confess, I find make-up to be a necessary evil. It's a camouflage to blend in with other women, and a complete waste of time and money.
We can barely believe it, but September's just a week away. As well as getting our school supplies and assignments ready, we're going to take some extra time this week to get our skincare routine back on track...