When it comes to cities to cross off your bucket list, Edinburgh has got to be up there.
The Year of the Monkey will be a creative and sometimes crazy time, with the next 12 months full of lively, adventurous energy. Sometimes it might seem more King Kong than Sun Wukong, so here's a look at what kind of things you can expect.
What's the easiest way to stay warm in the super cold? Grow a crazy beard.
Aftab is an expert on cyberbullying. She advises Facebook and other major social media sites on how to deal with the issue, and promotes cyberbullying awareness and prevention at the United Nations.
Christmas is over. The presents are all unwrapped. You can hardly move because of all the food you've eaten. But there's loads of STUFF all over the place: food, Christmas cards, joke gifts…
With the recent anniversary of Back to the Future Part II, Nike has finally invented real power-lacing trainers. They have shoelace-like straps that automatically tighten to keep your feet in the shoe.
Getting fit and building muscle is hard work, especially in Hong Kong, where finding time for yourself is a challenge in itself. No one knows this better than Mike Dacuno, a junior trainer.
Are you worried about what university programmes you should choose? The deadline for the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (Jupas) is soon, but many students don't know where to start.
The DSEs are just four months away and Form Six students are busy with their Jupas applications. But university isn't for everyone, so it's good to consider some other options.
It's Halloween tomorrow, and whatever your excuse is for not going all out this year, Young Post has got you covered.
Can you train yourself to read faster while understanding more? Junior reporter Catherine Wang investigates.