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Help pack your froggy friend's luggage and then watch it go on vacation all over Japan. Without you.
When Cristian Fragoza takes to the streets of Caracas hunting the virtual monsters of Pokemon Go, he knows he's risking his cell phone ... and maybe even his life.
Life is Strange is an episodic, story-driven adventure game where the choices that you make and their consequences are more important than skill or strategy.
Pokemon Go became available in Brazil late Wednesday.
Pokemon Go brings us lots of new words, you heard them here first!
A small park that attracted thousands of Pokemon Go players has disappeared from the popular mobile game.
You know how everyone's been cheering Pokemon Go for getting people outside and moving around? Well, it doesn't have to be played like that
Catch them all is easier said than done. Some of these are super elusive, and some aren't even available in Hong Kong!
Pokemon Go has only been in Hong Kong for a little over 24 hours, but you've probably already thought these things at least once by now.
It felt like eternity. While the rest of the world was catching them all, Hong Kong had to wait, and wait, and wait ... but not anymore!
Thirty years in the future, robots known as Omnics led a revolution, where they created more of themselves and fought the humans.