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Time is ticking and the battlefield is shrinking, so here are expert tips for the newbies out there just starting Battlegrounds.
We asked a group of women what helped them toward their passion for science and technology
Written for beginner readers, the book tells the tale of a teen Barbie who is creating a computer game but crashes her laptop. She immediately gives up on the idea of solving the problem herself. Barbie also confesses to little sister Skipper that she can’t write software code. “I’ll need Steven’s...
Toyz hopes to be world champ again, this time as the captain of HK Esports.
Former World Champion of League of Legends (LOL), 22-year-old Kurtis Lau Wai-kin retired two years ago at a young age. He decided to return to action and formed the HK Esports LOL team.
The technological development of smartphones and other similar IT gadgets has brought a lot of convenience to society. It has made communication easier, facilitating group-chats and making it possible to send and receive emails anytime and anywhere.
With smartphones, it's never been quicker or easier to share with the world the scale of Occupy Central.
If it weren't for technology, Occupy Central might never have spread as quickly or over so many areas in such a short period of time. Here are the technologies that have been pushing this protest along.
Screenshot from the game
Sims 4 lives up to expectations in creativity and aesthetics but not gameplay. It’s expensive and will get much more expensive if you buy the DLCs.
Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple Inc., talks about the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch
Apple moved to recapture its role as a tech trend-setter today, by releasing its highly anticipated first smartwatch and two large-screen versions of the iPhone.
A screenshot shows the creative graphics behind Destiny
Many say Destiny will revolutionise the face of gaming when it hits shelves globally today, in the same way that Halo did when it was released in 1999. At least 10 million players are expected to sign up.
Google street view of the Pokfulam Village
The fire dragon dance is a beloved ritual and highlight of Mid-Autumn Festival every year in Hong Kong. On the eve of this year’s Mid-Autumn festivities, Google made Pokfulam Village, a venue for the annual fire dragon dance, a part of the Google Cultural Institute.
Ma Wing-shan (left) and Lee Ka-man stand out among a crowd of male gamers.
Lights dimmed, screens lit up and gamers flexed their finger muscles for the grand finals of the second Hong Kong E-Sports Tournament, a two-day event held at the Kowloon Bay International Trade Exhibition Centre last weekend. There are around 2,200 game enthusiasts...