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When asked: “What is something that is carried by a lifeguard?”, what comes to mind?
These Pandas aren't just cute, they're also deadly. Having recently won the girls League of Legend event at HKXP, they are looking to expand their game and take on stronger opponents in China and the world.
It's exciting because it relies on your wits and logic, rather than lightning quick reflexes.
Circa 1987, a small Japanese software company called Square decided to make one last video game. On the verge of bankruptcy, it believed its time was almost up so named it with that in mind: Final Fantasy.
A beginner's guide to League of Legends, a free online multiplayer game that is the most popular eSport game in the world.
A Young Post cadet and LoL enthusiast whipped up to guide to help you through the five major roles and the most beginner-friendly characters.
A handy guide on how to approach events in new mobile game Pokémon: Magikarp Jump.
The new Super Mario game coming to the Nintendo Switch is fantastic. That’s the most important thing you take away from this. 
Virtual reality is a major focus at the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles for multiple big names in the industry.
Ever whizzed through a race on your PlayStation or Xbox and thought, “I reckon I could do the real thing”? Well, now’s your chance. The racing industry is looking to the new generation of gamers as one of its primary sources of future racing drivers.
Technological change happens at an ever-increasing pace in today’s society, and if we don’t try to keep up we will be left behind.