Before you head over to The World of Tintin exhibition starting later this month, catch up with this list of classics handpicked by a long-time fan.
After last year's very successful Iron Man 3 display at Hysan Place, the Hot Toys team is bringing another great exhibition to Hong Kong for the city's Marvel Comics fans.
Super-spy and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Black Widow must team up with Marvel's most notorious vigilante, The Punisher, to stop an evil terrorist organisation's nefarious plans in the straight-to-DVD movie Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher.
Junior reporter Ruby Leung checked out C3, the annual anime and manga expo, and quizzed cosplayers on how well they know their anime characters. Contestants included this year's cosplay contest winners Lui Lai-hing and Kong Hoi-ting, who also spoke to us about representing Hong Kong at the upcoming...
A new animated superhero show starring comic book legend Stan Lee might be taking flight. The show, aptly titled Stan Lee's Mighty 7, is based on a comic book series created by Lee, and a pilot episode has been picked up by the Hub Network.
Mark your calendars, Otaku Zoners. The annual C3 x Hobby Expo, where local otaku get a chance to let their hair down completely by cosplaying as their favourite manga/anime characters, will run from Friday to next Sunday.
The profile of a high-school student goes from zero to the most hated at the school. Why? For some reason, the most popular girl at school wants to hang out with him in the new anime, Witch Craft Works.
A 17-year-old girl becomes the youngest barrister in Tokyo. But she doesn't fight her legal battles in a normal courtroom; her clients are all magical.
Justice League: War
With perfect timing for a post-CNY treat, Justice League: War, the latest superhero epic from the DC Universe, has just been released. In it, a group of Earth's bravest and boldest come together to fight an evil alien in Justice League: War.
Godzilla is back again, and this time Hollywood has a second chance to get it right! The 1998 Roland Emmerich version was so awful that it was nominated...
Space Pirate Otaku_L
This week sees the CGI arrival of the stoic and charismatic Captain Harlock and his merry crew of pirates. Space Pirate: Captain Harlock is based on the manga...