The duo’s latest musical offering might be their best album yet – and that’s saying something
30 Seconds time debut perfectly_L
The 30 Seconds to Mars debut in Hong Kong was a night I will never forget. Lead singer Jared Leto was right when boldly proclaiming: 'Even [your] children will [expletive] remember this'...
Quinquennium by Jason Chan might seem like another randomly generated album name in a desperate attempt to stand out. But when you find out that in Latin, it means a period of fiv
the fall_L
The truth of Gorillaz's 32-day journey across Canada and the United States, during which The Fall was recorded, is exposed in this diary of their road trip.
elbow_build a rocket boys_L
One word sums up Elbow's fifth album, Build a Rocket Boys! - poetry
Filled with dreamy ballads, Beyonce's new album, 4, is a departure from her earlier work...
Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love, and there was a lot of love coming from both the performer and her audience at Kylie Minogue's "Aphrodite Live 2011" concert on July 1.
The full-house crowd at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena erupted into loud applause and cheers on June 26. Yui Yoshioka, a 24-year-old Japanese singer-songwriter, better known as Yui, was giving her first
R&B ultimate_L
Ultimate R&B: The Love Collection 2011 contains some great hits, but not enough to make it "ultimate"...
It's no surprise that K-pop quartet 2AM's first full album release, Saint o'Clock, comes with so much hype.
Trisonique is the first major label debut of Hakuei Kim under Universal Records, and he lives up to expectation...