We talks to Sagas vocalist and bassist Dani Kwok, and guitarist Teddy Fan about the meaning behind their music, and the band’s long-term goals.
Girls' Generation lights up the stage.
Going to Macau to watch a concert means tolerating bouts of hour-long seasickness and a very late bedtime. But the K-Pop Nation Concert 2012 held at ...
Bieber Believe_L
It's only been two and a half years since Justin Bieber's debut, yet Believe is a whole new ball game. He's definitely in the big leagues now.
Summer Playlist_L
I grew up in Durban on the east coast of South Africa. Summer for us was in December and January, but it was met with no less enthusiasm than in the northern....
Jason Mraz, 35, kept the mood upbeat at his show last Sunday, with fun music, good laughs and even a few lessons on life and love.
Hours before his concert last Sunday, US singer-songwriter Jason Mraz preached the importance of "song karma" - or treating music with respect.
Adam Lambert Trespassing CD_L
It's obvious Adam Lambert has powerhouse vocals - you'd expect nothing less from the American Idol Season Eight runner-up. And he's not afraid to use ...
Slash Love CD_L
Slash is famous for several things: being the former guitarist for iconic 1990s rock band Guns N' Roses, being the current guitarist for Velvet Revolver ...
Perfume CD_L
From a first glance at the cover for JPN, you'd expect typical girl group fare. Don't be fooled - Japanese band Perfume may well blow you away with their technopop sounds.
Dr Dee CD_L
Damon Albarn, better known as the lead singer in the UK bands Blur and Gorillaz, has undertaken a very different project in Dr Dee: An English Opera.
Santigold Master CD_L
At last year's Clockenflap music festival in Hong Kong, American singer Santigold showed that she is one cool and stylish customer. Those same qualities are ...
FEM Dirty Bass CD_L
Judging from a cursory glance at the track list - actually, just from a glance at the first two tracks - Far East Movement have taken their unexpected ...