American dance rock band DNCE rocked Macpherson Stadium last night, and the crowded couldn't be more pumped.
Future Islands became something of an internet sensation in 2014 thanks to lead singer Samuel T Herring’s dad dancing on The David Letterman Show.
Emily Chak is not a quitter. “Giving up was just not an option. We had to keep going,” said the defiant guitarist and singer of alternative band So It Goes.
The strutty electro beat and grimy bass line of Cold Hard Truth set the tone of Nelly Furtado’s sixth album The Ride.
After a period of emotional turmoil, US progressive metallers Mastodon return with their seventh studio album.
“One in a million! Annyeonghaseyo, Twice imnida!” The official greeting of the two-time Golden Disc Awards winner, Twice, may be familiar to some ears.
Later this year, the five-piece rock band Nowhere Boys will be hitting their hometown in a big way – by holding a concert in Kowloon Bay in October.
Real Estate left a mark on the music press with 2014’s Atlas, and after a minor line-up change, have returned with their fourth release In Mind.
Despite selling more than 20 million albums, James Blunt recently took songwriting lessons from Ed Sheeran in the lead up to his latest album The Afterlove.
Learning music doesn’t need to be all grade exams and sight reading – it can be about having fun and making friends as well.
All the bands playing their own original stuff played it with so much more heart.