Australian psych-rock band Pond have built a cult-like status upon a steady stream of albums since 2009. This month sees the release of their seventh studio album, The Weather.
Wanna be your star! Hello, we are Astro!” K pop rookie boy band, Astro, visited Hong Kong last Friday night on their first Asia showcase tour at Macpherson Stadium, Despite the chilly weather on a Friday night, many fans (or ‘Arohas’) were giving out supportive banners and singing along to their...
“Treacly” and “boring” aren’t words you’d typically ascribe to one of the world’s biggest pop stars.
Xiu Xiu has seen a lot of line up changes since they started releasing albums in 2002. Now, core members Jamie Stewart and Angela Seo are back with a new record, Forget.
Ryan Harling started making music with Jasmine Kelly in October 2015 when they decided to cover Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men, and discovered they had a natural chemistry.
Following a turbulent couple of years after losing two members, Surfer Blood have returned with their fourth effort Snowdonia.
Riding the wave of two hugely successful albums, + and x, Ed Sheeran continues his penchant for mathematical musicality on his latest album, Divide.
Students organised their own music festival at West Island School last month, and six local bands took to the stage to raise funds for a good cause.
British rockers Dutch Uncles have been bubbling away in the underground math-pop scene since 2008, and this month sees the release of their latest album Big Balloon.
The Pansies have been kicking around in the local music scene since 2014, and are now set for their biggest show to date.