The local four-piece owe their latest album to their followers’ pledges.
supper moment_L
Supper Moment, formed in 2006, released their debut album Wait a Moment early last month...
Yui basks in sun's light_L
Holidays in the Sun is Japanese singer-songwriter Gloria Yui's fourth studio album. This self-penned and self-composed collection features...
More hits from Puffy duo_L
The Japanese duo of Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura, otherwise known as Puffy AmiYumi, have released compilation album Hit and Fun for the summer. The 20-track...
Old and new blend perfectly_L
Singer-songwriter Wang Lee-hom's new album The 18 Martial Arts was inspired by Taiwanese director Ang Lee and action star Jackie Chan.
Oasis set eases the pain_L
A collective cry of pain echoed from all true Britpop fans when Oasis announced their split last year. Does their newest compilation, Time Flies ... 1994-2009, bring solace? It's Oasis...
Duo creates wordless magic_L
The seventh album from dance pioneers The Chemical Brothers, Further forgoes the vocal collaborations they've included in the past, shining the spotlight entirely on...
Disappointing lack of verve_L
Former lead vocalist of The Verve, Richard Ashcroft's latest offering will shock fans of his previous band's sound, exemplified by 1997 hit Bitter Sweet Symphony.
Gets the party started_L
The soundtrack to dance flick Step Up 3D features tunes from big names like Flo Rida, T-Pain, M.I.A. and Busta Rhymes. The diverse artists offer a range of styles from...
Bright future for K-pop girls_L
Girl band 4Minute take no chances with their second 'mini album' Hit Your Heart: the rising stars of the K-pop world stick to the same sounds that made their single Muzik so hot. The album is..
A legend in the making_L
Having topped the US Top Heatseekers charts, Orianthi's debut album was re-released as Believe (II), with four new songs and another single...