Seven years after their first album, Arcade Rock, Hong Kong-based band The Sleeves recently released their long overdue second effort Deliverance – 51 minutes of brazen guitar solos and driving rock songs of a bygone era.
Filled with dreamy ballads, Beyonce's new album, 4, is a departure from her earlier work...
Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love, and there was a lot of love coming from both the performer and her audience at Kylie Minogue's "Aphrodite Live 2011" concert on July 1.
The full-house crowd at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena erupted into loud applause and cheers on June 26. Yui Yoshioka, a 24-year-old Japanese singer-songwriter, better known as Yui, was giving her first
R&B ultimate_L
Ultimate R&B: The Love Collection 2011 contains some great hits, but not enough to make it "ultimate"...
It's no surprise that K-pop quartet 2AM's first full album release, Saint o'Clock, comes with so much hype.
Trisonique is the first major label debut of Hakuei Kim under Universal Records, and he lives up to expectation...
songs for jp_L
Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have appeared on the same album for the first time. Songs for Japan is a charity album for the earthquake and tsunami-ravaged Japan...
'Boys' prove their relevance_L
Epic 90s boy bands New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys have joined forces to release NKOTBSB to coincide with the US national tour that begins this month...
Gaga likely to stay this way_L
Lady Gaga's Little Monsters will be delighted with Born This Way and even her critics will have to admit begrudgingly that the tracks are dangerously addictive...
Insight into artist's lonely life_L
Electronic artist Moby has released his 10th studio album, Destroyed, along with a companion book of his own photography...