The only thing the American pop rock band has to Apologise for is not coming to Hong Kong more often.
American Dream is New York electro rock band LCD Soundsystem's first album in seven years. While there are plenty of interesting ideas going on, none of them sound that original or exciting.
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This weekend saw the physical release of Pointless Filler, the highly anticipated debut album by Hong Kong rock band Tri-Accident, who marked the occasion with a special release show at Hang Out in Sai Wan Ho.
Following a brief hiatus, pop band The Script’s fifth effort Freedom Child shows a band running out of ideas.
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From a spectator’s viewpoint, 1989 painted a vivid picture of a complicated, secret, on again, off again romance. And ...Ready for it? seems to revisit some of these themes.
Heavy rockers Queens of the Stone Age’s seventh studio album Villains shows a continuation from their last album, Like Clockwork.