Apes discover fresh vigour_L
The latest addition to humans versus ape franchise is a visual effects masterpiece. Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a fresh take on the 43-year old franchise.
Gunning for the aliens_L
Westerns have seen a revival recently with such films as No Country For Old Men, True Grit and There Will Be Blood. Now here comes Cowboys & Aliens with an all-star cast and crew.
When life becomes art_L
Last year, YouTube asked users to contribute videos chronicling one day in their lives. 'Tell us your story, tell us what you fear and show us what you have in your pockets,' was the...
Speed straight to the cinema_L
Pixar's nitrous-charged franchise returns five years after the first instalment with Cars 2.
Nostalgic fans of the blue cartoon characters will be "smurfed" to know that the adorable creatures have finally made their 3-D cinema debut in The Smurfs...
cap america_L
The release of The Avengers movie next year will rock the Marvel Universe. But you can get a sneak peak at Captain America: the First Avenger
Dylan Dog, Dead of Night_L
Based on an Italian comic, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night borrows from old detective noir films while injecting a dose of comic horror...
Nowhere Boy_L
After watching Sam Taylor-Wood's biopic, Nowhere Boy, you have to add 'human tug-of-war rope' to the list of music legend John Lennon's names...
Admittedly, The Beaver is one of the least attractive films of the year: a grown man with a beaver hand puppet is as bizarre an image as it is creepy...
with a blend of relatable characters, incredible artwork and gripping story, DreamWorks has achieved that rare thing with Kung Fu Panda 2...