The fifth film in the huge Disney-owned franchise recaptures a little of the magic of the first film, and adds some emotional weight to some of the original characters too.
If you’re anything like us, you’ve found that you suddenly have a lot more hours to spare where you aren’t really doing anything – and you can’t do homework all the time.
Crime thrillers – we love them, we really, really love them. There’s nothing better than seeing (eventually, after a very long pursuit) the bad guy get their comeuppance.
Fans were too far gone in their feels to ask for more Darth Vader and then...Rogue One spoilers ahead. Don’t be tempted by the Dark Side and read this if you haven’t yet seen the movie.
Here are the movies that affected us the most and the ones we are eagerly awaiting.
Donnie Yen Ji-dan was once sarcastically called “the strongest in the universe” by Hong Kong’s entertainment press for his presumed overconfidence in himself. But the last laugh is on them.
He isn’t quite a name everyone knows yet but, at the age of 19, Asa Butterfield has built up a list of acting credits that even a Hollywood veteran would envy.
Ten Years is a movie set in the year 2025, depicting a dystopian world in which Hongkongers rights, freedom and ways of life have been eroded by the influence of the mainland Government.