In a tale of aspirations and advice transmitted between characters from two different time periods, this Japanese drama reminds us that strong bonds can be formed through the most mysterious of circumstances.
Deep down, I’m a huge, huge, fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. It’s unapologetically farcical, imminently quotable (“We named the monkey Jack,” anyone?), and has Johnny Depp acting ... well, Johnny Depp-ish, but with dreadlocks and a lot more guyliner.
Based on a 2013 novel of the same name, The Circle, starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks, feels like the perfect example of how an amazing cast can be dragged down by terrible writing.
When you combine the acting talents of Sean Lau Ching-wan, Louis Koo Tin-lok, and Gordon Lam Ka-tung, you get local blockbuster Dealer/Healer, based on the true story of a gangster-turned-preacher, who spreads the word of God to his brotherhood.
Alien: Covenant was released in Hong Kong last week, but the first movie in this (currently) six-film franchise came out in 1979 ... way before any of you were born. To catch you up on the Alien universe, here's the lowdown.
Hong Kong’s talented stars have made some amazing movies over the years, so we bring you a look at 10 of the best
Forget the Disney cartoon, the 2004 epic starring Clive Owen, or the original Arthurian legends – King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is the latest take on the mythical English king.
While the Alien films may fit the stereotype of a “guy movie”, one thing that doesn’t get as much press is the fact that the lead role of Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) from the earlier films was initially written for a man.
Chris Evans proves he’s more than a Marvel marvel in Gifted, a somewhat emotionally manipulative, but utterly heartwarming film.
It’s been scientifically proven that opposites attract, and that’s exactly what happens in This Is Not What I Expected, when one pernickety, perfectionist tycoon meets a free-spirited, flamboyant sous chef.
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the world’s best loved space opera. Here is one odd factoid for each of those years in that galaxy far, far away.