First-time director Crosby Yip-hei talks about getting your name out there and creating opportunities - even if your family doesn't think your dream is worth pursuing.
Doctor Strange is the latest addition to the Marvel universe – and it doesn’t disappoint.
We at Young Post love movies. Watching them and talking (well, quite often arguing) about whether a plot was amazing or awful. We also all have some things we hate.
British film star Benedict Cumberbatch said on Thursday that the pressure is on to please diehard comic fans as he takes on the role of Marvel’s Doctor Strange, the superhero sorcerer.
While most final year high school students are worrying about their exams, Yugi Muto and his friends are living a completely different life.
The strange thing about remakes is that they exist in the first place. But this remake of a Western classic does a decent job holding its own.
The Magnificent Seven is a remake of a movie by the same name, which itself was a retelling of The Seven Samurai.
A cute Corgi puppy tells us his story in Prince – but he really tells us the story of Hong Kong, and how it has two very different worlds: one for the rich and one for the poor.
If you weren’t paying attention to the news in the summer of 2013, you’d be forgiven for thinking Snowden is a cleverly writter cyber-crime thriller.
Are you in the mood to be scared out of your wits? The YP staff are, and have come up with a bunch of scary films to watch in the dark of the night