Tying together time travel and romance, Take Me to the Moon is an inspiring story that motivates you to chase after your dreams.
[Spoiler alert] Do not watch or read about the trailer if you want to go into the movie completely uninformed.
By not only focusing on the negative aspects such as discrimination, documentary also gives us a glimpse of their happier moments as they work far from home.
Here are five kung fu actors from Hong Kong cinema that any true fan of the genre should know and revere.
Treatise on fate is nicely wrapped around a teenage romance plot but doesn't have a strong enough storyline to fully explore its many ideas.
Golden Orchestra! is the sort of film you pop on when you want to relax and reboot after a tiring week. It’s uncomplicated, has intentionally silly plots and over-the-top acting, and tells a straightforward story with a happy ending – what’s not to love?
The director of the film about life after death discusses his inspiration behind the story and overcoming self-doubt.
if it weren’t for our unhealthy obsession with social media, we probably wouldn’t have had the pleasure of having Ingrid Goes West.
“When I walked in and saw them stepping, it was like a musical," the director said.
This nail-biting tale of love and survival stars Academy Award winner Kate Winslet, and Marvel's Idris Elba, the film is directed by Academy Award nominee Hany Abu-Asad.
Even with good intentions of encouraging everyone to just get along, local feel-good film just isn't very entertaining.