In a tale of aspirations and advice transmitted between characters from two different time periods, this Japanese drama reminds us that strong bonds can be formed through the most mysterious of circumstances.
Multitalented singer and actor says timing is even more important when voice acting because the words must match the animation perfectly.
Young Post introduces some captivating and compassionate female ghosts, and how they are sometimes used as social commentary.
This morning it was announced that the Korean American actor from Lost and Hawaii Five-O will replace Ed Skrein in Hellboy reboot.
IT rocks. IT scares. IT delivers. Stephen King’s horror masterpiece has been brought to the big screen for a whole new batch of chill-down-the-spine seekers to enjoy.
Looking at the issue from the perspective of both the family members who donated, and the professor who uses it for teaching, this documentary will get you thinking about what life really is.
Win a chance to watch the former US Vice President as he continues his crusade to minimise climate change by joining Young Post's ticket giveaway.
Cruise’s star power is on full display as he treads fine line between good and greed.
Wolf Warrior II, the sequel of Wolf Warriors (2015), is a patriotic superhero film that features and is directed by Wu Jing, and it's such a massive production you really feel like you're watching a big budge Hollywood film.
Get past the commotion about changes from the source material and you'll find a good movie with an interesting plot, and chemistry between the leads.
The summer movie season is winding down, which means it’s time to start getting psyched for 2018.