Money can destroy friendships, no matter how old – or young – you are.
This film is suitable for its intended young audience, but not for teenagers. The sparkles, rainbow colours and bright pink frilly dresses will appeal to children, but anyone over 10 will probably find it exhausting to watch.
In his most visually driven film yet, Christopher Nolan masterfully realises the potential of the cinematic experience.
A father trains his daughters to become wrestlers in order to chase after his own unfulfilled dreams.
At last, director Guy Ritchie’s live-action Aladdin has its title character and its Princess Jasmine, and even the Genie.
Rumours have it Disney having trouble casting the live-action remake of Aladdin. So we thought we'd help!
Lighting McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) is back in Cars 3, and he’s better than ever.
The final showdown between Apes and Humans in War for the Planet of the Apes brings the franchise to a successful close.
Let’s talk about that scene. Or rather, the one-two punch of seamless consecutive scenes that provides the tensest moments in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” - and arguably the most stunning reveal in the entire Spidey film franchise.
Starring Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver, the film explores the struggle to hold onto your faith in the face of adversity.
His red triple-mohawk. His dark eyeliner. His showing midriff. His shiny black fringed leather jacket, necklaces made of bones and skulls.